Myth – my invention will make me rich!

Excited inventors call Trenner Law Firm, a Denver-area patent law office established by patent attorney Mark Trenner in 2004, claiming that their invention will make them rich! The inventor believes there is nothing else on the market today that even comes close to their idea, and as soon as they get a patent application filed, their invention is going to make them millions of dollars.

While I wish this were true of every new invention, most of the time this is not the case. There are various reasons that an invention won’t make you rich. For example, the idea may not be as unique as the inventor believes. Or consumers may have no need or no desire for the product. Too often, the inventor simply never follows through with their idea.

There are a lot of factors that go into making a product a success in the marketplace. Most successful products are the result of a lot of time and money invested to make the product a hit in the marketplace.

But for any invention, regardless if it is the next “Million Dollar Idea” or the next “Thousand Dollar Idea,” the first steps should almost always be to develop the invention beyond a mere idea, and take the appropriate steps to protect the invention so that it remains competitive if it is indeed the “Next Big Thing.”

Working with a registered patent attorney is the best way to take the proper legal steps to protect an invention.

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