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Do You Have An Invention Or Idea For A New Product?

It’s exciting to think that you may have an invention or idea for a new product. But where do you start? What if someone steals your idea? Is it safe to talk to anyone about this? Talk to a licensed Patent Attorney today.

Learn how to protect your invention so someone else doesn’t steal your idea. Watch our Explainer Video below.

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During the Strategy Session you will learn where to start, options that you have to protect your invention, a customized FLAT FEE cost quote for your project, and a recommended course of action with specific actions you can take to get started.

Mark Trenner typically charges $350/hr (with a 1-hour minimum charge) for a sit down attorney Strategy Session. But he is offering you this opportunity for a 15-30 minute Strategy Session by telephone for FREE!

Free Strategy Session

Enter your information below so we know how to prepare for your Strategy Session. You will be redirected to our online scheduler when you submit this form so that you can choose a time that works best for you.

NO OBLIGATION. You are free to work with any law firm you choose following the Strategy Session. We will not spam you with phone calls or unwanted email.

CONFIDENTIAL. Everything you discuss during your Strategy Session will be covered as attorney confidential information.

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