My idea is the next big thing!

Many excited new inventors that call the Denver patent law office of patent attorney Mark Trenner says “My idea is the next big thing!” The inventor believes their idea is going to take the market by storm, making them and everyone in their path rich beyond their dreams. Their invention is the next “million dollar idea!”

While I wish this were true of everyone who called my office, and indeed, true for inventors everywhere, many times this is not the case. For various reasons, many times ideas go nowhere, either because the idea isn’t that significant, the inventor just doesn’t bother to pursue the idea to help make it a big hit in the marketplace, or worse, the inventor doesn’t take the proper steps to develop and protect their invention.

These two steps cannot be emphasized enough: (1) develop the invention beyond a mere idea so that it can be embodied as a product you can take to the marketplace, and (2) take steps to protect the invention so that it remains competitive and doesn’t end up in the public domain.
Working with a registered patent attorney is the best way to take the proper legal steps to protect an invention. It will cost a relatively significant amount of money, but this is an investment in the product that shouldn’t be overlooked. Skimp on legal protection now, and pay the price later.

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