Tag lines can be an important part of a brand and your overall trademark strategy, if used effectively.

One way to effectively use tag lines as part of your trademark strategy is to describe the product or service when the trademark or logo is unclear by itself. For example, a strong trademark is a completely made-up trademark, like the famous Coffee House (yes, you know the one I am talking about even without my having to name it here in this article). But until everyone knew what they were selling, it probably helped to use a tag line describing their product (“coffee”).

Another effective way to use a tag line as part of your trademark strategy is to use a trademark which conjures a pleasant image in the mind of the customer. The customer will then come to associate your trademark with that pleasant image. For example, a travel agent may use a tag line saying “. . . taking the hassle out of travel.” Now when customers see the travel agent’s trade mark, they will think of stress-free travel, an obvious positive.

Of course there are many ways to use tag lines as part of an effective trademark strategy, and we have only scratched the surface here.

Here’s a Tip when selecting a tagline to use as part of your trademark. Be creative . . . and put some thought into it before you adopt a tagline as part of your brand. There is nothing worse than a brand that changes every couple of weeks, months, or even every couple of years. The key to a strong brand is consistency . . . because consistency helps build customer loyalty. And customer loyalty can mean a successful business.


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