Many customers buy particular products or services because they have become accustomed to a certain degree of quality in the product. Many people will even pay more for certain brands of soft drink than they will pay for a generic soft drink.

Brands or trademarks designate the source or origin of goods or services. By consistently providing high-quality goods or services under a trademark, along with a successful marketing campaign, customers come to associate trademarks with a certain degree of quality in the goods and services being provided.

In other words, brands can be used to establish customer loyalty.

This customer loyalty is also called “goodwill.” The goodwill you establish not only affects the sale of your current goods and services, it may also carry over to other goods and services that your business may introduce in the future. For example, when a product is well-known and then you introduce a new product, loyal customers will often purchase the new product without having ever tried it before based only on your brand. That’s because the customer expects a similar degree of quality to that which they have become accustomed to with other products you offer. This gives you a distinct marketing advantage when introducing new products. In fact, you will often see new products that are introduced with the statement “from the makers of [insert brand here].”

But don’t risk losing all of this goodwill. Work with a trademark attorney to properly protect your brand with trademarks.

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