Mark Trenner went on air this morning during the 10 o’clock hour on AM 630 to discuss the new Patent Office satellite office just announced for Denver. Mark was asked how this might make it easier for inventors to obtain a patent. While everything can be filed electronically, there are times after a patent application has been filed and the Examiner rejects the claims as being anticipated or obvious in view of an earlier invention or other disclosure. While the inventor has an opportunity to file a written response, sometimes it can help to discuss the differences of the invention with the Examiner. This conversation may be over the phone, but in-person meetings often are worthwhile. Currently, an in-person meeting with a Patent Office Examiner to discuss a pending patent application requires the inventor and his or her attorney to travel to the Patent Office location in Virginia. So having a satellite office in Denver may make it easier for inventors in Colorado to have in-person meetings with the Examiner.

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