Patent Attorney Mark Trenner answers questions about  “Where do I go with my bright idea.”

Interviewer: And how did the America Invents Act change that?

Denver Patent Attorney
Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner

Patent Attorney: As the article points out, the America Invents Act changed to “a race to the patent office.” That is, whoever files their patent application first will get the patent, regardless of who invented first.

Interviewer: Why did the America Invents Act make this change?

Patent Attorney: As the article explains, this part of the law was intended to bring the United States in line with patent practices of most of the rest of the world.

Interviewer: This doesn’t seem like a good change, though, does it?

Patent Attorney: That’s what many are saying, including in this article, that the law seems to disadvantage the individual inventor and small businesses, who don’t have a patent attorney on staff that can file patent applications at the drop of a hat.

Interviewer: Thank you, those are good points. But I think that’s all we have time for today. For more information, be sure to visit Trenner Law Firm’s website at and Mark Trenner’s blog over at


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