Step One: Discuss Your Concerns With an Attorney

Discuss your concerns and goals with an attorney. Trenner Law can help identify issues and develop a comprehensive plan for protecting your intellectual property and business interests, both in the near term and long term. At Trenner Law, there are no insurmountable problems. Only solutions.

Step Two: Complete Explanation of Your Options

Trenner Law will present you with a complete explanation of your options, and professional fees and government costs for each. You can then choose the option that best fits your needs, timeline, and budget.

Ongoing Support

Once you become a client at Trenner Law, you have a trusted advisor that you can rely on today and in the future. Trenner Law is always available to help clients strategically position their intellectual property, even as their business grows and develops. Helps is always as close as your phone.

Decision Points

  • What is the difference between a provisional patent application and a regular patent application?
  • What are design patent applications?
  • Should you file for foreign protection?
  • Do you need a trademark?
  • How do you protect copyrights and trade secrets?

Trenner Law explains what you need to know to make important decisions.

Achieve your goals

Shouldn’t you work with an attorney who values your ideas and wants to understand the goals for making your ideas a success?